Alexandra Lawson joined the team in early 2017, her background is in research. With study undertaken in the US and Germany Alexandra completed a PhD in 2015. Alexandra organises the administration, marketing and governance requirements. 



Blair Batts is InterLinkSQ General Manager. He joined the team in mid-January 2015, bringing with him more than 13 years' experience in Australia and the UK in project management and civil engineering, mostly as a Senior Designer/Engineer or in an Associate role.

Blair has significant experience in project management and design for major projects including work for the Queensland Department of Education and Australian Defence Facilities as well as drafting, contract management and site supervision proficiencies.



John Dornbusch is Chairman of InterLinkSQ, beginning his career in finance as a stockbroker in 1987. John is the Chancellor of the University of Southern Queensland and was a foundation member of Toowoomba Surat Basin Enterprise. John is a graduate of Harvard Business School's Owner President Program, Holds an MBA from the University of Southern Queensland and is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. John is a Justice of the Peace, and a past member of the Queensland Government's mentoring for growth panel. His ability to build relationships within the financial and wider community has made him a key figure in Toowoomba's business landscape. 


InterLinkSQ is mainly owned by local investors

The project’s structure is a Unit Holder Trust, the management team work on behalf of the owners, who have entrusted them to facilitate this community project which is essentially bringing to life a piece of enabling infrastructure which will create freight and logistics efficiencies in the region for years to come.